Mastering Brisket: How to Perfectly Track Its Internal Temperature

Published By Kevin Turner

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    Grilling or smoking a brisket to perfection is an art, and one of the key elements of this art is ensuring the meat reaches the right internal temperature. Here’s your comprehensive guide to doing it like a pro:

    1. Finding the Ideal Spot to Probe

    For optimal brisket cooking, probe the thickest section, which may not always be at the center.

    This part cooks the slowest and must reach the correct temperature before removal from the grill or smoker. Always inspect the brisket to locate this area.

    Remember, the thickest part isn’t always at the center. So, take a moment to examine the brisket from a distance to identify this section.

    2. Probing Depth Matters

    Once you’ve identified the thickest section, ensure the probe is inserted deep enough to reach the center point of the brisket. This is where the internal temperature will be the coldest.


    (Check out this homemade brisket we whipped up!)

    3. Patience is Key: Let the Probe Sit

    After inserting the probe, wait for at least ten seconds before checking the temperature.

    This pause allows the thermometer to register an accurate reading. If the temperature remains consistent during this time, you’ve got your reading.

    4. The Great Debate: Flat or Point?

    A full packer brisket consists of two main muscles: the flat and the point.

    The flat, which has a higher fat content, cooks faster than the point, which is predominantly lean meat. Since fat melts more quickly and the connective tissues in the point take longer to break down, it’s advisable to place the probe in the point section of the thickest part.

    This ensures the point is tender when removed from the heat.

    Keep in mind to let the brisket rest when it’s done for best results.

    5. The MeatStick Advantage

    Still uncertain about which wireless meat thermometer is right for you?

    Consider the MeatStick. It’s a smart wireless meat thermometer designed for every cook, ensuring you get the perfect brisket every time.

    Armed with these tips and guidelines, you’re now equipped to grill or smoke your brisket to perfection. Remember, the key lies in understanding the meat’s structure and ensuring it reaches the right internal temperature. Happy grilling!

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