Pairing the Perfect Beverages with Brisket Tacos: From Beer to Margaritas

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    The best beverages to pair with brisket tacos are bourbon and whiskey; because they are rich and dark liquors that go with the smokiness of BBQ, brisket and pork. 

    Of course there are many options and we will walk you through what makes each great.

    Why is Beverage Pairing Important?

    Pairing the right beverage with your meal can enhance the flavors and provide a well-rounded dining experience.

    The right beverage can complement the food and bring out its flavors.. but the wrong drink can overpower the taste and ruin the experience of your dish.

    Types of Beverages to Pair with Brisket Tacos


    Beer is a classic beverage to pair with brisket tacos.

    The malty and hoppy flavor of beer complements the smoky taste of brisket and therefore making it a perfect match, if you ask me.

    Depending on your preference you can choose from a variety of beers:

    • Lagers
    • Pale ales
    • IPAs
    • Stouts

    Overall when it comes to beer, I would say that India Pale Ales (IPAs) stand out as my top choice. Their hoppy and citrusy notes complement the spicy flavors of your brisket tacos, creating a symphony of taste that leaves your palate craving more.


    Wine is another great option to pair with brisket tacos.

    A full-bodied red wine such as a Cabernet Sauvignon will complement the richness of brisket.

    For a more sophisticated pairing I think you should consider a bold red wine like Zinfandel. Its full-bodied and fruity profile has enough character to stand up to the bold flavors of brisket tacos. The wine’s fruity notes and peppery finish complement the smoky and the spicy elements of the dish.

    If you prefer white wine, a crisp Sauvignon Blanc can provide a refreshing contrast to the richness of brisket tacos. The wine’s bright acidity and citrusy flavors help to cleanse the palate, allowing you to savor every bite of your meal.

    Classic Margaritas

    Margaritas are a popular and beloved beverage to pair with any Mexican cuisine – and brisket tacos are no exception!

    The tangy and sweet taste of margaritas can balance the smoky flavor of brisket, making it a refreshing choice.

    You can choose from a variety of flavors: such as classic, strawberry, or mango, and more.

    The bright acidity of the lime juice cuts through the richness of the brisket, while the salt enhances the flavors of both the meat and the taco toppings.

    The Mezcal Margarita: A Smoky Twist

    For a smoky twist you should consider pairing your brisket tacos with a mezcal margarita.

    The smoky and earthy notes of the mezcal add depth to the taco’s flavors, creating a unique and memorable dining experience people will love.


    You can also pair your brisket tacos with tequila. Tequila can enhance the flavor of brisket and bring out its smoky taste.

    The best types of tequila to pair with your tacos are: blanco, reposado, or añejo.

    Soft Drinks

    Soft drinks (soda) can also be paired with brisket tacos.

    This is a good choice for children (assuming they won’t go for something with less sugar) and anyone that wants to stay away from e an alcoholic beverage. 

    Tips for Beverage Pairing with Brisket

    Consider the Flavor of Brisket

    When choosing a beverage to pair with your brisket tacos you have to consider the flavor of brisket.

    If it’s smoky and rich: choose a beverage that can complement it such as beer or red wine.

    If it’s spicy: you should go for a beverage that can balance the heat, such as margaritas or tequila.

    Related reading: See What Part of the Cow is Brisket From.

    Consider the Texture of Tacos

    The texture of brisket tacos can also influence your choice of beverage.

    If your tacos are crispy, choose a beverage that can cut through the crunchiness, such as beer or soda. If your tacos are soft, choose a beverage that can complement the softness – by go to choice here would be a margarita. 

    Consider the Occasion

    The occasion can also influence your choice of beverage.

    If it’s a casual get-together then you can go for beer or margaritas – everyone is always happy with these two drinks.

    I suggest having both light beers and also IPA so that your guests can pair their favorite type of beer with the brisket tacos.

    If it’s a formal dinner I would serve wine and cocktails. 

    Consider Your Personal Preferences

    Also make sure to consider your personal preferences when choosing a beverage to pair with brisket tacos. Choose a beverage that you enjoy and that complements your taste buds.

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    1. Can I pair my brisket tacos with soda? Yes, you can pair your brisket tacos with soda. This is a great choice if you want a non-alcoholic beverage.

    2. What is the best wine to pair with brisket tacos? A full-bodied red wine such as a Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel because they work well with the richness of brisket.

    3. What is the best beer to pair with brisket tacos? IPA is the best beer to pair with brisket because it cuts through the richness and helps cool off a spicy taco recipe.

    4. Can I pair my brisket tacos with water? While water is a neutral beverage…I have to say that it’s not the best choice to pair with brisket tacos. This is because it doesn’t complement the flavors of the dish.

    5. What is the best tequila to pair with brisket tacos? The best tequilas for brisket tacos is a blanco tequila because it pairs well with the citrus and lime flavors.

    6. What are the best sides to pair with my tacos? Brisket tacos go great with many side dishes such as: rice, beans, guacamole, and grilled vegetables. You can get a full list of brisket taco sides here.


    Pairing the perfect beverage with brisket tacos can enhance your dining experience and bring out the flavors of the dish. Whether you prefer beer, wine, margaritas, tequila, or soft drinks, there’s a perfect beverage out there for you. Keep in mind the flavor of brisket is rich and often spicy when served in tacos. You can always go with your personal preferences when choosing a beverage to pair with your brisket tacos and you’ll still have a great meal.

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